Meet Our Team

  • Deb
  • Debby Bridges
    General Manager

    Growing up in rural Southern Oregon, I always had a close connection to food. We raised chickens and pigs in addition to always having a huge garden. While I was in college I discovered that I enjoyed working in and around food, with chefs and other foodies. I joined Bon Appétit in 2000 as an Assistant Catering Manager at Jones Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon and transferred to Reed College in the fall of 2001. Bon Appétit is truly a company that walks the talk – we do support local farmers, we have the power to change the way that food is grown and produced (and we have!), we have made a commitment to helping those who harvest our food.

    503-777- 7286
  • Matt (2)
  • Matt Talavera
    Executive Chef

    Born and raised in San Jose, California I grew up watching my grandmother cook amazing Mexican food, which was my inspiration to become a Chef. Since then I have spent 18 years working in fine dining establishments from San Francisco to Sonoma County working in restaurants, bed & breakfasts and wineries. I invested 10 years as a Chef for research and development of exciting new offerings at Whole Foods, giving me an opportunity to relocate to Portland. Working for Bon Appétit is a perfect fit for my love of local and sustainable food and feel very fortunate to work for a company that holds these values in such high regard.